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realism tattoo of a portrait of a man

Tattoo Design by Louis

Some of us visit Singapore for the food and the shopping, for some it’s experience the unique Singaporean lifestyle. For whatever reason you visit Singapore, For some going back to your home country with lasting memories, a memoir or your time in Singapore comes in the form of a tattoo design, something that will be with you forever.

A tattoo design means something different to everyone, it often reflects your identity, sometimes your past, honouring someone or a memory, an inspiration or something that you love and represents a part you and your passion.

Simply, different people get tattoos for different reasons.


Looking for Tattoo Ideas in Singapore?

A tattoo idea is a form of art and an expression of oneself, you can find many talented tattoo artists in Singapore.

It can be nerve wrecking searching for a suitable tattoo artist and style. Sometimes googling “Best Tattoo Artists in Singapore” may not be of much help.

group shot of the lovesick tattoo team

So we sat down with Louis Tham, the founder of Lovesick Tattoo Singapore to get to know his team of artists.

We asked Louis for some advice for anyone who is looking to get a new tattoo design in Singapore.

Hailing from Singapore himself, Louis has the charisma of a passionate tattoo artist seeking to offer his customers a chance to learn about the art and with his warm persona, one finds it hard not to feel comfortable and confident about his teams tattoo designs and what they recommend.

Here are some of the questions we asked Louis, about what someone who is searching for the right and a good tattoo artist should look for:

What are some of the common mistakes you see a newbie to tattoos make?

We see many new customers coming in with the cost of a tattoo on their mind first, instead of starting with a discussion around a tattoo design or the tattoo ideas they have for a new tattoo. As price is a concern, many newbies are not aware pricing takes into consideration the complexity of the design and how long a tattoo artist takes to complete their work. Louis recommends that everyone should first look into the design of the tattoo and then let the artists help with managing their budget.


What other tips would you share with someone searching for the right tattoo artist for the job?

Newbies often visit the first few tattoo shops they find at the top of their google search, and those shops are usually the ones that use paid advertising to get to the top, however the search results may not feature the designs and style of the artists. Customers should try to check out the artists portfolio, each artist will have their own style, find one that has a style that suits your needs.

It’s important to feel comfortable with the artists before engaging them to ensure that you find the right one. So talking to them about what you want as a tattoo idea is a must and should be your first step.


How is your style different from the rest of the team in Lovesick Tattoo?

I specialise in Black and Grey tattoo designs. Many of my customers that come back to me are the ones who appreciate my realistic designs. Many of my new customers have seen work I have done for their friends and families.


How about the rest of your team? How do you select your tattoo team?

Currently my team is made up of three unique personalities who have very different styles.


MH is an artist who has been with me from day 1, we have worked together in the past including in our last team. His style revolves around graphic tattoo designs.

Kian does a lot of very original tattoo ideas, characterised by unique sketching tattoo designs. He leans towards an oriental style.

Mark is very good with Japanese styles and colours. He specializes in Japanese Tattoo Ideas.


How can someone make an appointment to talk about a new tattoo with your team?

All you need to do is either send us a direct message to our Instagram, Facebook or email accounts and we will setup a time and date to meet you and discuss your needs and design ideas. Check out our instagram account @lovesick_tattoo for new tattoo ideas. Browse lots of pics and posts.


Louis has been featured on numerous digital write ups as well, check us out below:

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