Lovesick Tattoo Studio

For those looking for realistic tattoos, Lovesick Tattoo Studio has an impressive portfolio that is worth checking out. For many, the decision to get a tattoo is not taken lightly. Tattoo designs often represent a significant part of someone’s identity and personality, so careful consideration should be made when selecting the perfect piece.

We offers a wide range of minimalist tattoos, from delicate flowers to geishas with intricate details, some designed in the traditional Japanese (irezumi) style. Each piece can be customized according to individual preference and with the help of experienced artists who specialize in creating beautiful works of art on your skin. The studio’s attention to detail ensures that each customer gets exactly what they envisioned when they walk away satisfied with their new tattoo design.

Our Artists

Discover the best tattooists in Singapore! Our award-winning tattoo artists have been recognised for their intricate and creative designs. Experience professional body art services by world-class talent.

Louis Tham

Louis Tham, an award-winning tattoo artist, specialises in realism tattoos and black and grey designs. His work is celebrated for its bold, intricate details and dynamic compositions.

Liucifer Ling

Lucifer Ling is a Japanese tattoo artist specializing in intricate dotwork designs. His unique style blends aesthetics from traditional Japanese art and modern Western culture, creating beautiful, timeless tattoos.

Kian Tan

Kian Tan has been active in Singapore’s tattooing scene for a long time, bringing together the emerging trends of blackout and geometric tattoos. He is best known for his signature style – blackwork – which he uses to create stunning blackout tattoos that stretch across entire body parts. His design aesthetic pulls from elements from different cultures such as Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asia to create bold works of art.


Ukix is a tattoo artist with 9 years of experience in the industry. He specialises in realism tattoos, and his talent has been recognized with several awards. Ukix won the “Best of the Day” award at the Singapore Ink Show in 2019, and was a two-time winner at the Bali Tattoo Expo in 2022. His expertise and dedication to the art of tattooing make Ukix a sought-after artist in the industry.


Aric is a traditional Japanese Tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience.