Lovesick Tattoo Studio

Singapore is renowned for having some of the best tattooists in the world. Our Artists page showcases an array of highly talented and experienced professionals from across the city who are passionate about creating beautiful tattoos. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Japanese-style design or something more contemporary, our artists can help bring your ideas to life. The tattooists featured on our page have each been carefully selected based on their impressive portfolios, creative vision and ability to provide clients with truly unique body artwork. With years of experience under their belts, they understand the importance of providing a safe and sterile environment while working closely with clients to ensure that their individual needs and preferences are taken into account when designing the perfect tattoo. Each artist has a unique style that makes them stand out from the crowd, so take a look through our gallery today to find someone whose work speaks directly to you.

Our Tattoo Artists

Louis Tham

Kian Tan

Liucifer Ling