How can we keep lasting memories, is Tattoo an option?

There are many different ways to keep people, pets and places we love in our hearts and mind. Some of us have it inked on our body as a mark of respect and love keeping those memories in our hearts for life.

Now that 2019 coming to an end, its time to reflect on the year. Some memories we will want to keep forever. What better way to do this is there other than a tattoo.

Are you planning to get a tattoo in Singapore, either during your holiday or as part of your year here?

There are many options from getting a realistic portrait of someone you love, or a pet that you love or have loved.

Some of our readers have also gotten tattoos to remind them of what they would like to achieve in the new year!


We sat down with Kian, our resident artist , to give us some recommendations :

What are some memorable tattoos you have made?

The most memorable one I ever did is a skull with chrysanthemum around and time etch on the skull as the client want it to be a reminder that death can be around at any moment so treasure your love ones around you as much as you can because death can take your love one at any moment.


How long does it take to have a tattoo size of an apple?

It depends on the design and whether the idea and style is suitable to the artist and how knowledgeable the artist is with his work and how familiar he/she is with her work machines


How long does it usually take to have a simple quote tattoo script done?

Script tattoos usually takes about 15 – 30 min to complete depending on the size and length of the design and how skilled the artist are.


Which part of the body do you recommend for a portrait tattoo to be done? And what is the recommended size?

I would say the forearm will be a good place to begin with as it’s a flat surface and it’s very easy to work with along that area. I would suggest it to be roughly around A4 size in height.

Who is good with script tattoos?

Well everyone in the shop are good at script tattoos as it’s common to encounter script tattoos when you venture out as a tattoo artist.


Who is good with portrait tattoos?

Louis the founder of lovesick he is one popular artist in the black and grey portrait and realism field.


Louis and Alan taking home 3 awards at the Culture Cartel 2019

What tattoo do you usually work on during the year end and new year?

I can work all kinds of things during festive seasons as different people tend to get different kind of tattoos let’s just say it’s Christmas I’ll tend to draw some designs related to Christmas but infuse some of my style in it to make it unique.


How long does it take to design with your artist?

It depends on the design and what kind of direction me and my clients are going if it’s a big piece and it’s very intricate it might take up to 2 weeks to a month time to design it out.


How can someone make an appointment to talk about a new tattoo with your team?

All you need to do is either send us a direct message to our Instagram, Facebook or email accounts and we will setup a time and date to meet you and discuss your needs and design ideas. Check out our instagram account @lovesick_tattoo for new tattoo ideas. Browse lots of pics and posts.

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