Louis Tham. The beginning, the owner and definitely the prodigy of Lovesick Tattoo Singapore, Louis’ possesses a skill in his realism tattoos so high that he has been featured not only in magazines and online articles but also on local television interviews with regards to his tattooing skills and the tattoo scene in Singapore.

He has won: 

If that is not enough to explain how reputed he is in the tattooing scene, he also has achieved a Guinness World Record in his expert profession and invited as a Judge for tattoo convention at the Culture Cartel Singapore event.

Humble and amiable, he warmly invites his customers to approach him with all and any questions with regards about tattoos. A veteran tattoo artist since 2006, he has made a name for himself and his tattoos are more than just tattoos but actual works of art. To put it short, Louis holds his title in the local tattoo scene high and respectable and definitely puts the Tattoo in Lovesick Tattoo.

group shot of Lovesick Tattoo Studio